I’m very excited to announce that the film #ADULTBEGINNERS that I made w/ #rosebyrne @bobby_cannavale and many other talented folks is going to the TORONTO FILM FESTIVAL! Can’t wait for ppl to start seeing it! #tiff

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This Is Where I Leave You

How can you not be excited about Tina Fey and Jason Bateman playing siblings? Add the fact that Jane Fonda is their mom with huge boobs I AM IN THERE!! 

Soon after Judd Altman discovers his wife in bed with another man, his father dies. Of course a small dose of family dysfunction will always remind you things could be worse and things will get better.

I am more excited about Jane Fonda’s boobs more then anything.


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"It’s hard not to look too cheesy but it’s fashion, so it should be fun. To me, getting on the worst-dressed list is just as good as getting on the best-dressed list. You are never going to please everybody, so it’s more important to please yourself."

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Entertainment Weekly First Look: This is Where I Leave You.

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The cast and director of This Is Where I Leave You

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According to Rose Byrne, it’s dangerous to be shooting a movie anywhere near a half-naked Zac Efron.

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Star of Neighbors and Bridesmaids Rose Byrne is on Late Night tonight!

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Rose Byrne, by Ben Morris for ELLE

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Rose Byrne | Elle Australia, May 2014

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